Photovoltaic system

MHV offers to retrofit PV-systems onto existing buildings.

Our company helps you to (install) adapt a photovoltaic system on your house. The ideal location for a solar array is on the roof of the house.Whether to install a PV system or not can be taken into consideration during planing phase.

Please contact our competent consultants regarding financing and determine the ideal use of a PV system onto your house.

Of course, following the current eligibility/funding criterias, with a view to electric rate and (electricity) consumption trends.

Meanwhile, storage batteries have become a popular mean of using the sun's energy more efficiently.

Rechargeable batteries can store a surplus that can later be used. So this energy form can be used in a more targeted way and only when needed.

It isnt't only environmentally friendly, homeowners can also reduce their overall electricity expenses by going solar. From past few years, the total cost of solar PV system pricing has declined and this trend is ongoing.

So if you ,as a housowner or company, decide to invest in a PV system do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help and advice you.

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