Our services

Client/Constituent/ Building owner

As we need not fear comparison, we chose a tabularly arranged presentation to give you a detailed and clear overview of our range of services. Every installed piece, from used materials to heater or doorhandle, is clearly stated. This type of presentation makes us unique and gives you a safe and calculatory overview.

Here is an overview of our most important facts:

  • 5-year warranty (according to BGB)
  • all groundworks, also for garage and patio, but without works on outdoor installation/facility and topsoil
  • according to energy conservation regulations of 2009
  • white triple-glazed plastic windows incl. electronic shutters
  • floor heating system / underfloor heating
  • concrete and steel stairs
  • dressed stone for interior window sills
  • water supply (in the garden) connected to drinking water, frostprotected
  • air-to-water heat pump
  • as desired : construction supervision and quality inspection conducted by DEBRA expert

1. Building Regulatory Requirements (not part of our services)

We need the following documents:

  • building permit, certificate for thermal protection, static calculation
  • official site plans for sewer system, building alignment, building lines
  • height regulations
  • landmark demarcation

Arrangements with the building department/construction office and neighborhood (regarding safety barricades, stopping the access to the builing site) will be made on the part of the building owner, as well as cover any charges which may arise. However, for additional occuring costs for measurings on the building and building surveying will also covered by the owner builder.

  • Basis for a foundation is a solid, frostproof supsoil which allowes rainwater draining away, without any groundwater and with 150-200 KN/qm.

2: Planning and engineering services

Planning and engineering services for the building application will be effected by an architectural firm. In this case, the building contractor will not bear for accuring costs.

3: Site management

Mr. Herrn Michael Vardapetyan from M.H.V. Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH will be in charge of the surveillance of the building site, providing a properly execution in due time.

The constructor will prepare for an intern operating schedule, stating order and delivery dates in order to coordinate the exection with the building insprection.

To give you an overview of the order and delivery dates of the building parts and components, the constructor will make a plan for intern operating schedule in order to coordinate the processes with the building inspection.

Once again the complete building projects will be discussed thoroughly in every detail.

Skilled experts and trained craftsmen will help you chose building and equipment features/characteristics.

We will discuss and determine the installation of the interior doors, number and positon of the wall sockets, windows,sanitary objects and fittings,tiles.

On request, there will be a "Jour Fixe" on the building site once a week if required. For individual appointments please get in contact with the site management.

4: Construction site facilities

All necessary building site facilities which are needed for the constructin of the house, up to the accommodations of the employees as well as organisation and execution, measures for protection on the construction site, are included in the fixed price.

The installation costs for site electricity (supply) and water as well as the consumption costs for electricity and water arinsing during construction time, are at the contractor's expense.

Furthermore, the contractor will bear the costs for the batter board, all necessary equipment and construction machinery including the building crane: Operation only by specially trained personnel! as well as for sanitary facilities.

The contractor guarantees that all accruing building rubble (waste) will be disposed properly.

5: House/Domestic connection (supply and disposal lines)

The Landlord/property owner will bear for the domestic connection. Costs incurred for the connection to supply/sewage networks (water, waste water, electricity, telephone, cable connection etc) won't be covered by the contracting company.

Here, for the execution of this work, the client/ house owner has to contact the respective competent authorities. Our construction supervisor will be pleased to help you to file for this application.

This is necessary from building entrance facility (BEF) (DE:HÜP-Hausübergabepunkt) to the connection to public network. The BEF is usually in the

  • a.) boiler room (basement) for electricity, telefon or tv
  • b.) manhole/sump for waste and rain water
  • c.) the front part of property, for drinking water
  • Our company will execute all works regarding digging and laying new suppy pipelines.

If the client/house owner wants a multiple cable and pipe entry system, he / she has to buy and provide for it. In return, our company will help you with the installation and sealing.

6. Drainage

We use PVC-pipes for waste and rain water. Downpipes are made of sound-absorbing plastic tubings. For the interior installation of pipes we either choose front wall installation or the use of a sump.

  • Water tank "AQUAROC " (with monolith elements,cone, opening size of 800mm, mortared)
  • with a cap, accessible, adapter piece DN 800 / 625 mm
  • Type "Hydrophant N" or equivalent
  • Capacity 6.000,00 litres; 6.000,00 kg
  • Inner diameter 2300 mm, external diameter 2500 mm
  • Wall thickness = 100 mm, height approx. 2.500,00 mm
  • Botton thickness = 120 mm; concrete/cement B 45; Bst 420 S
  • Connection :suction PVC pipe DN 100 mm
  • Connection: overflow PVC pipe DN 100 mm
  • Filter: double-layered geotextiles; with meshes/(stitches) with the size of > = 0,0015 mm
  • Overlow is directly connected to waste water drain

Empty conduit/pipe D-100 of the cistern is layed to the outer edge KG wall

The waste water of the KG sanitary system is connected to lift station. EG-DG will directly drain into the canal.

7: GROUNDWORKS (building with a underground level)

The topsoil,which will later be stored, is being removed up to 30 cm around the area of the building.The contractor is in charge with the disposal of the remaining soil which is left after digging the foundation of the house. The base plate is being surfaced with a layer of gravel or with equivalent material and covered with a PE platics/foil.

After completion of the basement, the building excravation(hole) is refilled with stored floor slabs/base plates and has to be compacted( 100% proctor Dichte in layers/coatings of maximal 30 cm. Transportation and disposal of the topsoil is not included in the scope of services.


According to static calculations, the basement floor is build as a foundation slab with grounding strab. The basement walls, in the living areas, are bricked with Poroton Planziegel of 36,5 cm. Whereas the walls for utility rooms are made with reinforced concrete( C 25-30 WU ). Every wall, which has direct contact with the soil, gets a vertical and horizontal sealing against non-pressing water.

The garage slab is build on 3 flooring piers/lintel, made of concrete blocks, and overall foundation.

The upper area of Guest-WC's on the ground floor takes the form of cantilever. French drain/weeping tile made of PVC -DIN 1187, DN 100, covered with fleece and basalt chips 0/32 mm, 0,5 m wide; 0,3 m tall

Afterwards the French drain is fit onto the flushing and inspection manhole as well as onto the sewage pipe. Drainage pipes are only used in bricked areas.


Following the latest standards and regulations, external and internal walls are recoveralbe and solidly build according to Thermal Insulation Regulation (Wärmeschutzverordnung) and stability.

The execution of masonry work is based on the standards of DIN 18 330 „Mauerarbeiten“.

All constructional measures e.g. work on openings in walls and roof or breakings on the masonry, only take place in consultation with the site supervisor and responsible specialist engineer.Unless it is possible to notice these measures in the construction drawing beforhand.

The following supplementary works are included in the calculations:

  • preparing the mortar
  • putlog holes
  • leightweightperforated bricks - masonry of the basement wall
  • heat conductor figure: lambda = 0,16 W/mK
  • bulk density: 0,75
  • pressure resistance: 8
  • masonry compressive stress: sigma0 = 1,2 MN/m²
  • Z-17.1-651
  • format:12 DF
  • mortar: POROTON-Dünnbettmörtel, "Planziegel"system bricks are part of the scope of delivery, (VD-System)
  • heading joint: fixed in mortar and interlocked
  • wall thickness 36,5 cm
  • brand: Wienerberger, Lücking

External walls, ground floor,second floor, top floor:POROTON-"Planziegel" bricks-T9-36,5 LHLzW 6-0,65, PLAN, without filling. AW, d=36,5

  • coring light weight brick/leightweight perforated brick (Leichthochlochziegel)- masonry of monolithic external wall
  • heat conductor figure:Lambda = 0,09 W/mK
  • bulk density: 0,65
  • pressure resistance: 6
  • masonry compressive stress: sigma0 = 0,55 MN/m²
  • Z-17.1-890
  • format:12 DF
  • mortar: POROTON-Dünnbettmörtel,
  • "Planziegel" system bricks are part of the scope of delivery, (VD-System)
  • heading joint: fixed in mortar and interlocked
  • wall thickness 36,5 cm
  • brand: Wienerberger, Lücking

Internal walls, basement, ground floor,second floor, top floor:POROTON- "Planziegel"- T 24,0; 17,5; 11,5 LHLz W 8- 0,8, PLAN, AW

  • heat conductor figure:Lambda= 0,18 W/mK
  • bulk density: 0,8
  • pressure resistance: 8
  • masonry compressive stress: sigma0= 1,4 MN/m² nach Zulassung: Z- 17.1-678
  • Z- 17.1-678
  • format:12 DF
  • mortar: POROTON-Dünnbettmörtel,
  • "Planziegel" system bricks are part of the scope of delivery, (VD-System)
  • heading joint: fixed in mortar and interlocked
  • wall thickness 24,0; 17,5; 11,5 cm.

Filigree ceilings above basement and ground floor are made from finished parts and concrete covering. Smooth lower surface, as plate floor DIN 1045. The ceiling in the entrance area of the flat is lowered by 40cm.

10:Internal plastering

Internal plaster DIN 18550: including the preparation of the ground/plaster base, the finishing coating parts are smoothed. Plaster type: gypsum, lime (single layered)

Plaster:"Orth-putz" or equivalent, render base:masonry and concrete

Plumb and flush in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Surface is frisked and smoothed.Quality:Q2 Bathroom and laundry room:lime,cement, lightweight plaster, plumb and flush in accordance with manufacturer's instructions; minus Q1-Q2 In the ceilings area (basement, fop floor and garage) joints are formed by means of joint filling.

11: External plastering

The front of the house is faced with lime cement lightweight plaster Typ 1 as base (renter) DIN EN 998-1 P II, DIN 18550 Fa. Schwenk, or equivalent to cover the wall surface. Finsihing coat: fine plaster (CR, CS II;DIN EN 998-1, P II; DIN V 18550) applied on surfaces with 3 mm grain, structured as skim plaster. Colour: white or light gray treated with a stabilising/equalising coat.

Dado [lower part of a wall]: bonding plaster. The plaster is rubbed fine and smooth. Colour : is applied two times/(doule treated); according to restrictions and specifications of the building contractors.

12: Screed layer

A swimming screed layer is applied onto thermal insulation (basement) and onto sound insulation (first floor-top floor). The thickness of insulation is based upon technical calculations (heat insulation regulation).

Anhydrit screed AE 20 DIN 18560, class AE 20 as swimming screed, border stips for the installation of elastic/textile and ceramic floor coverings. The surface is smoothed with a "sponge plate"(Schwammplatte).Screed thickness:60mm. The garage doesn't receive a screed. The concrete surface is smoothed with a power trowel. The color coating isn't part of our service spectrum.

13: Flat roof ( for house-garage)

Flat roofs for houses and garages as well as for house entrances (ground floor), two balcones (upstairs) and roofgarden (top floor/attic) is planned by the architect according to static calculations.

Single layered roof covering DIN 18 531 DE/E1 EVA-BV-K-PV-1,5/1,2 and DIN V 20000-201, with Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) lines, with a high percentage of high-polymer solids ( 92%),smooth, flexible, without an elastic additive /plasticizers., high-quality, homogenous sealer; not seperated by an extra layer, bitumen-free, bitumen-compatible, neutral insulating material, rhizome-resistant, diffusion substances (µ < 20.000), construction material class B2 accoding to DIN 4102-1 bzw., class E accroding to DIN EN 13501-1, resistant to flying sparks and radiating heat ("fire from the outside") according to DIN 4102-7 bzw. DIN V ENV 1187, as described in the examination certificate defines in the CE description (DIN EN 13956).

House entrance gets an insulation (80 mm 0,032 W/mK), isolation, grit and panels/plates with a thickness of 30mm (Padang Cristalo G-603).

14:Balustrade;roof terrace;balkones

The railing at the house entrance is built (bottom row with "offset bricks"/Kimmstein) in the interest of the building contractors.

All constructional measures (e.g. work on flooring, openings in walls and roof, foundation bases, acid protection for flooring), all supply and drain lines (e.g. connections for water,waste water, supply and exhaust of air and compressed air) along the installation, as well as connection to the central supply and drainage networks), the main electrical distributor (including fuses and isolating switches up to the switch cabinet) are not included in the scope of delivery.

15. Roof, balconies drainage

Gutters and downpipes are installed, with the necessary cross section, and connected to the central sewage network. Including accessories made of of titanium zinc. All wall connections are made of titanium zinc or with lead covering.

Balconiesfacing the street side, do not reieice any drainage but eventually a dripping edge.

The balcony next to the elevator is not equipped with gutters, but eventually with a slope (facing the inner wall), an integraded floor drain and a downspout/downpipe. All this will be connected to the rain water pipe.

Granny Flat/apartement: The so-called "Light "courtyard (Lichthof), which is traditionally open or covered with glass, and the workshop - each receive a rain water-connection( required for later installations) and a drain gutter. Roof terraces are equipped with a tapered insulation (upper – 160mm 0,035 W/mK, lower – 120 mm 0,035 W/mK) and the rain water is drained off to the outside by using downpipes.

16. Insulation, laundry chute ect.

Supply and insulating: house entrance, roof deck, house and garage flat-roofed. Blower-Door Test must be proven.

A laundry chute from basement to attic, made of a 300mm KG pipe, without Rigips / plasterboard cladding.

17. Window, windowsill, entry doors, garage door

All windows and French doors are made of plastic, white lacquered interior, anthracite lacquered exterior, European brand-name product, triple insulated glazing, with a window's U-value of 1,0 W/m²K.

We install at least one bottom hung / side hung casement window in every room. Window handle available in white.

The windows in the basement and attic -if technically possible – with aluminum shutters (color:anthracite) electrically driven with local control (Somfy Ausstattung), expect for windows which were not planned (see Table 7). Leightweight shutters (Leichtbaurollladenkästen) are installed as shutter boxes with a service hatch at the outside.

Floor-to-ceiling windows ( ground floor and upper floor) will be equipped with clear-glas as French balconies ( 7 elements, if technical possible between the reveals) and with electrical shutters. Froster glass is attached to every window in the bathroom or guest Wc.

Profile Schüco CT-70, or after a sampling inspectional or approval by the building contractor.

Exterior windowsills: built of stone (nature stone), (Padang G-603), Depth: approx. 25 cm
Interior windowsills: built of stone (nature stone), (Juporano Colombo), Depth: approx. 12 cm

Windows in the basement (Light wells) don’t receive shutters. Light wells are made of low-maintenance plastic galvanized light well grates with retainers /anti-derail device (MEA- x4 ) We install burglarproof aluminum doors as front doors, with triple lock, even matching the windows. The price for two elements amount to € 6.000,00 gross.

Garage: Sectional garage doors with electric drive, insulation of 40 mm and two remote control devices as well as two steel doors without window.

Insect protection, sliding doors, skylight windows aren’t component parts of our order and are offered and paid separatly.

18. Interior door

We install doors (every floors) opening height 2,12m, surrounding frames with plastic décor/pattern, equipped with a rubber seal running around three sides, ward lock inclusive and door mountings in bathroom and quest WC. Decor: sycamore, white and beech (wood), handle set (€ 15,00 bis 20,00 gross, stainless steel) and room doors (€ 200,00 gross) chosen from the sample selection and fitted.


entry door – 1 element
room doors – 8 elements

Ground floor:

stained steel doors without window, in the garage – 2 elements
door – connecting door (from house to garage) ,T-30, internal door optic – 1 element
room doors – 3 elements

Top floor:

room doors – 6 elements

Attic floor:

room doors – 4 elements
mailbox isn’t included in the scope of delivery

19. Heating system

An eco-friendly air heat pump (exterior) is installed. For controlling use the room temperature-dependent control /regulator with night-off-switch. Brand-name product from Vaillant or equivalent.

Water heating / solar thermal system and heating supply: multifunction storer (700-1.000 Liter volume).

Arrangement of the heating areas /heating surfaces and construction of the heating system as well as the boiler. Floor heating system: linked plastic pipes, room-sided regulation.

Granny annexe: is connected to a joint system, not a separate line/connection.

Heating circuits:


Atelier/workshop, stocks, hobbyroom - Thermostat
Storeroom - Thermostat
Boiler room - no existing heating system
Partyroom, cabinet sprace, kitchen - Thermostat
Shower room, store room (next to it) - Thermostat
Laundry room - Thermostat

Ground floor:

Kitchen - Thermostat
Living room - Thermostat
Corridor, guest-WC - Thermostat
Study room/workroom - Thermostat

Top floor / upper floor:

Study room, storage room - Thermostat
Bathroom No.1 - Thermostat
Bathroom No.2 - no existing heating system
Complete corridor - Thermostat
Bedroom, dressing room - Thermostat

Attic floor:

Studio - Thermostat
Bathroom - Thermostat
Bedroom - keine Hz. vorhanden

20. Chimney for stove/fireplace,ventilation for so-called enclosed / trapped rooms.

Chimney: brand Schiedel SIH or equivalent, exhaust pipe of 180 mm according to the chimney builder, a second shaft as a ventilation shaft. The access hatch is in the basement. The chimney stack is faced with slate.

Installations in the laundry room and cellar shower room:

Easy to assemble, from building authorities approved flush mounted/concealed ventilation unit for wall or ceiling installation. Installation under the scope of protection I , permitted according to DIN VDE 0100-701. Consisting of a plastic box/crate with ventilation slots on both sites (NW 80 mm) blower unit (1-stage, energy-saving capacitor motor), filter inclusive and a white covering plate / coping slab (RAL 9016, Premium-Design).

The filter (G3) on the blower unit can easily be exchanged without tools. The patented spring system adjust up to 80 mm brick wall, which has been set too deep, between the box and cover lid. The box with perforated break out openings e.g. for a WC-connection nozzle includes an easy to exchange flap/check valve (< 0,01 m³/h), signal cover and a 6pin power supply terminal.

The electric wiring is implemented with a screwless plug-fit system onto the power supply terminal. The electrical connections to power part and engine control is connected during the blower installation. The power unit has a plug contact to connect to C-NR module.

21. Heating and warm water support

Isn’t necessary due to LWWP

22. Sanitary installation

Plastic pipes are used to lay the hot and warm water tubing according to DIN, to prevent thermal influences. The house is constructed with a circulation lines for the hot water supply.

At the time of final inspection, the entire piping system will once again be tested with a pressure test on safety. Plastic pipes are also layed for Drainage, where the drainage system in the accomodations provide for sound insulation.

Shower wall according to the builder.

Kitchen, cellar and ground floor

The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher connection with cold water supply system and a sink connection with warm and cold water supply system.

The warm and cold water supply system is corrosion-resistant and made of plastic and copper pipes which do not present any health risk. HT-pipes used for drains. The ventilation for the exhaust hood will be delivered and installed by Fa. M.H.V. Hoch-Tiefbau GmbH.

WC and shower in the basement

Shower equippment:

a washdown WC bowl, wall - mounted, concealed cistern with water-saving function. Brand : Katalog SUBWAY page 37, Subway 2,0 washdown-WC artikel no. 9M18 S1 XX with Soft Closing funktion.

a hand wash basin approx.45cm with warm and cold water supply, chromed single-handle faucet. Washbasin brand Keramak-Renova no.1 or glw. single-handle faucet – Catalog HANSA page 71, Hansadisc, Hansapurejet.

a shower with steel shower base 90x90, or 90x75, (under the stairs) (no particular brand or model) flush mounted mixer taps, shower head-set (rainhead shower 250mm, round), plus a hand shower with shower bracket, chromed. Shower valve: brand catalogue HANSA page 71, Hansadisc, Hansapurejet shower enclosure with a front glass door (no particular brand), rainhead - no particular brand.


is equipped with:

two connections for washing machine with cold water supply and wash basin connection with warm and cold water supply , both connected to the circulation line. Connections to the drain pipe, sufficient height to the connection point and a hand wash basin made of metal.

A floor drain without backwater function

Guest WC - groundfloor

is equipped with:

washdown WC bowl, wall-mounted, concealed cistern with water-saving function, brand: catalogue SUBWAY page 37, Subway 2,0 downwash WC artikel No. 9M18 S1 XX with Soft Closing Funktion.

a washbasin - 60cm, with warm and cold water connection and chromed single-handle faucet.

Wash basin brand : catalog SUBWAY page 36, Subway 2,0 artikel No. 7114 6G XX single-handle faucet – catalog HANSA page 71, Hansadisc, Hansapurejet

A shower is not planned.

Bathroom - first floor (front street side)

is equipped with:

it is planned to install a product from the catalogue SUBWAY page 38, 2,0 Bidet, artikel No. 5400 00 XX 37,5 X 56,5 mm und single-handle faucet – catalogue HANSA page 71, Hansadisc, Hansapurejet. Eventually offset with a WC - bidet function.

A bathtub (max. 180x80 cm oval, no particular brand, max. price: € 1.300,00 gross), corner installation, bricked and tiled. Plus a single-lever mixer with hand shower diversion. (Water supply - overflow valve) and drain set(Ablaufgarnitur), and chromed hand shower as shown in the catalogue.

A tiled shower with floor drain, flush-mounted lever mixer tabs/faucet, can be changed to a head shower (rainhead/shower head 250mm, round) plus a hand shower with shower rail, from our line/series - chromed, plus a bricked wall with glass door (no particular brand), laterally measures - 0.90m X 0.90m X 2m
Valve /faucet – catalogue HANSA page 71, Hansadisc, Hansapurejet
shower head-no particular brand

A wall-hung washdown toilet boil - concealed cistern with water-saving function,
line: catalogue SUBWAY page 37, Subway 2,0 washdown toilet< br/> article No. 9M18 S1 XX with Soft Closing Funktion.

Without wash basins but with single-handle faucet with warm and cold water connections for double washbasins. Bath furniture and wash basin need to be installed by the customer.
Single-handle faucet – catalogue HANSA page 71, Hansadisc, Hansapurejet

A bricked and tiled bench with waterproof wooden covering, according to customer wishes.

Bathroom – first floor (garden front)

The bathroom is equipped with:

A shower with (super) flat shower tray/receptor (acryl) with flush-mounted lever mixer tabs/faucet, conversion to shower head (showerhead 250mm, round) plus a hand shower with shower rail, from our line/series - chromed, rectangular and double sided shower cubicle, made of real glass - 1m X 1m X 2m Brand for shower valve – catalogue HANSA page 71, Hansadisc, Hansapurejet, shower head – no particular brand, shower cubicle – no particular brand.

Shower tray - brand: catalogue SUBWAY page 40, Subway shower tray square article No. DA 1035 SUB1V 1000 X 1000 X 35 mm.

A wall-hung washdown toilet boil - concealed cistern with water-saving function,
line: catalogue SUBWAY page 37, Subway 2,0 washdown toilet
article No. 9M18 S1 XX with Soft Closing Funktion.

Without wash basins but with single-handle faucet with warm and cold water connections for double washbasins. Bath furniture and wash basin need to be installed by the customer.
Single-handle faucet – catalogue HANSA page 71, Hansadisc, Hansapurejet

For your garden, we provide a frost proof, cold water - backyard tap capable of being shut off, connected to the drinking water line.

All sanitary facilities are being installed in white design.

Cold and warm water supply lines, as well as the drain lines (discharge pipes) are insulated.

The (two) bathrooms upstairs are additionally equipped with a towel radiator - without a heater rod.

Accessories such as crystal mirrors, toilet paper holder, towel rail and tray valves are not included in the scope of services.

Sanitary – Material Price (gross)

Price per unit. WC with seat 250,00 Euro. Wash basin 150,00 Euro
Price per unit. bathtub 1.300,00 Euro
Price per unit. Shower (2-sided) 800,00 Euro
Price per unit. Shower (1-sided) 600,00 Euro
Price per unit. Tub valve 180,00 Euro
Price per unit. Shower valve 200,00 Euro

23. Electrical work (general)

Cable laying and installing is done according to VDE – guidelines and specialized engineering planning of the executing company. Shockproof /earthed sockets are attached as well as a great number of plastic switches, for example Fa. GIRA – in white color.

Lights and other luminaries are not included in the scope of delivery.

Mounting, fittings – please see list below.

Antenna system: (according to builder), TV and radio can be received via Unitymedia provider. Therefore installed in the house’s connection room or the so called service entrance room. According to agreement of 30.10.2014, the owner builder has to provide for the antenna mast, plus cable for connection - rooftop dish (DE:“1 Köpfige Satellitenschüssel”).
The mast is attached to the roof and sealed up - by the contractor / builder. The cable is laid from the roof all the way to the basement.
All shutters are equipped with motors (expect from the rooms in which the client doesn’t need them). The electric shutters can conveniently controlled via Somfy remote control.

The entire electrical installation is laid either in-wall - beneath the plaster (flush-mounted installation), or in the floor or roof areas.
Expect for installations in the boiler room or in concrete walls in the basement.(surface-mounted installation).
Main distributor and meter (with safety component) are installed in a steel sheet cabinet in the boiler room.

The bell has an integrated video intercom (with a hands free system), integrated door opener next to the front door (exterior), kitchen door (interior), installation: upstairs and top floor- house.
The bell has an integrated intercom system, integrated door opener next to the front door and kitchen door, installation: basement. = apartment/granny flat

The choice of suitable places for the wall sockets is made together with the contractor /builder at an on-site visit. Further protective measures are insured via earth cable/grounding line, equipotential bonding rail for grounding of the tub and shower - in the basement and attic.

Additional electrical installations beyond that provided, are made for a surcharge. Granny flats/apartments are connected to a collective electric grid – no separate power supply line or billing unit.

24. Electrical installation

Depart from the main power distributor, three underground cables are laid in the Garden for subsequently installations (for lighting the footpath).

Whereby the maximum length amounts to 45,00 meters. Our company - MHV is responsible for a professional installation. Whereas the builder owner / client has to provide for the required cable.

Wall socket: € 50,00 net
Lamp/light lead or feed line: € 50,00 net
Switch: € 65,00 net
LED spotlight manual switch: € 84,00 net

Merten line M 1 oder (Gira Standard 55)

As well as 3 fire detectors each (battery-powered) for basement, ground floor, second floor, attic/top floor and in the corridor area in front of the bedrooms.

25. Tiling work

Shower room (basement), WC (ground floor), two bathrooms (second floor), bathroom (top floor) are wall-tiled all round with ceramic and porcelain stoneware (walls), porcelain stoneware (floor).

The floor in basement and ground floor is tiled with porcelain stoneware flooring, dado (lower part of the wall) inclusive.

(Dado/ skirting tiles : only the wall area which is not tiled)

Paving tiles / base plates ranged from 30x30cm to 60x60 cm are used for the floor and wall covering, for straight laying, no mosaics, border (“Bordüren”) patterns.

Granny flats: granite tiles Juporano Colombo 30X30 mm

Corners are clad with aluminum tracks, aluminum tracks aren’t used for skirting tiles (Sockelfliesen).

Other types of wall and floor coverings can be used alternatively instead of the wall and floor coverings listed. (surcharge regulation: please see special section /paragraph)

The selection of the tiles is done, during the sampling, by the Company “Fliesen Glück”: Katharina-Paulus-Straße 5, 65824 Schwalbach am Taunus.

Material price: (only the tiles with dado /skirting tiles, without the laid material) is € 30,00 / m² gross. Tiles m² price + Dado/skirting tiles( cutted into shape) price = the agreed price for m²

According to the builder’s/ client’s individual wishes, both bathrooms receive 2 tiled and brick-built wall niches. 1 niche per bathroom.

Natural stone covering can be chosen after sampling inspection - for an additional charge.

26. Floor covering work

All rooms (second floor and top floor) get parquet floors.
Top quality parquet from Fa. Meister, or equivalent, perfectly suited for underfloor heating, for floating floor installation, for all rooms without tiled flooring. Retail material price: € 35,00 /m² VAT included , (incl. Parquet skirting and footstep sound insulation subfloor DUO Guard 2 mm).

The following parquet samples can be supplied and tiled: parquet floor

1. Parquet floor PC200, lacquered 3-Stab American walnut 960
2. Parquet floor PC200, lacquered 3-Stab American walnut 991
3. Parquet floor PC200, 3-Stab American cherry tree 13X200X2400
4. Parquet floor PC200, 3-Stab beech wood 13X200X2400
5. Parquet floor PD200, 3-Stab oak wood 13X180X2200

Selection of the parquet: please see catalogue of contractor. The sample case contains the recent samples.

27. Stairways and staircase railings

The following stairs can be selected:

1. Reinforced concrete stairs (top concrete layers) without sound insulation requirements, straight stairs (from basement to ground / first floor). Treads and risers – granite steps Juporano Colombo, plus skirting made of granite. Without staircase railings but with a hand rail made of premium steel.

2. Reinforced concrete stairs (top concrete layers) without sound insulation requirements, straight stairs (from basement – granny flat - to ground / first floor - exit). Treads and risers – granite steps Juporano Colombo, plus skirting made of granite.
Without staircase railings but with a hand rail made of premium steel.

3. Reinforced concrete stairs (top concrete layers) without sound insulation requirements, straight stairs (from first floor / ground floor to top floor). Treads and risers – granite steps Juporano Colombo, plus skirting made of granite. With staircase railings made of premium steel – price per meter: € 300,00 gross. “Passageway” stairhead (ground floor) doesn’t receive a staircase railing ( because a wall will separate basement and first floor – opening is completely closed). The railings are lateral applied – one on both sides of the stair stringer. According to the builder/contractor, two wall niches are brick-built into the staircase wall.

4. Two concrete steps from ground floor area to garage. In the garage area, the first garage step cantilevers over a length of approx. 25 cm. The second one is on the brickwork (basement). Risers – granite steps Juporano Colombo, plus skirting made of granite. Without staircase railings and hand rail.

5. Two granite steps at the entrance (exterior). These are solid steps. Padang Cristallo G-603.

6. Reinforced concrete steps ( top concrete layers) without sound insulation requirements, straight stairs (from second floor to top floor/attic). Treads and risers – granite steps Juporano Colombo, plus skirting made of granite.

Stainless/premium steel is used for the staircase railings.
Price per meter: € 300,00 gross.

“Passageway” stairhead (second floor) receives a staircase railing (premium steel). The railings are lateral applied – on the concrete ceiling.

7. Railings in the plenum area (top floor/attic):
The complete area is bricked and receives a peripheral anchorage. Following this, the area is plastered (without covering). An opening size of 2 meters is left on both sides (left and right). Steel railing are attached on both sides plus stair posts and shatterproof glass.

8. As well as the front side of the stairwell (top floor) - with steel railing, is enclosed.

9. Railings for the balconies (second floor): please see § 14.

Alternative options: Upon request after consultation with the General contractor.

28. Flooring for balcony, patio/terrace, doorways/entrances

Two balconies (second floor), plus roof terrace, in the front section, receive floor boards “Bangkirai” as floor covering (max. 55 m²), no oil surface coating. The remaining area of the roof terrace is laid with gravel/pebbles.

The roof terrace receives above a Bangkirai coating. Wall connection profile 150mm WA 1 ÜK - Company Alwitra. Color: aluminum nature (Alu-Natur).

Garden terrace receives a frost protection layer of approx. 40 cm, made of basalt - 0-32mm. On top, a surface of Bangkirai floor boards (max. 50 m²), no oil surface coating. Steps leading to the garden or sample installations aren’t planned.

The entrance area is paved with terrace tiles - 30x30mm- fine grit, using the floating method, with open joints. Material: Granite Padang Cristallo G-603.

According to contractor/builder, a small terrace next to the entrance are isn’t planned and therefore not included in our order.

29. Outdoor facilities/installation

Outdoor installations aren’t included in the agreed scope of order. However when the major structural work has been finished, it is possible to submit an additional offer to the building company.

Furthermore, the backfilling of the trenches with top soil isn’t included in our services.

The estimated costs for outdoor works mainly depend on the quality of the materials used.

The costs for the execution of work on the driveway, areaways, fence, electrical door system, footway to the house entrance and splash guard around the house amount to approx. € 20.000,00.

30. Painting works

Painting isn't in our range of services.

Here, the estimated cost for the wallpaper used , double paint coat plus material and labor costs amount to € 13,00-16,00 per m², € 4,00-6,50 per m² for painting or wallpapering. All prices are net prices.

31. Elevator

The installation of the elevator or elevator shaft is not included.

32. Underpinning of neighbouring buildings

Underpinning of neighbouring buildings is carried out following static calculations. The amount of work is charged on an hourly basis, separately, providing evidence of the work done.

Excavator/digger, 2,7 tons, with full tank, € 180,00 per day + 19% VAT.
Skid-steer loader 3,5 tons, full tank - €200,00 per day + 19% VAT.
Technician/skilled labor - € 38,00 Euro pro hour + 19% VAT.
Cement(concrete), sound absorbing material, etc. evidence needed.

If there is a difference in height of approx. 1m , the overall construction costs will amount to € 6.000,00-7.000,00 net.

33. Demolition of buildings

This task is not included in the main contract and is charged on hourly basis, separately, evidence of the work must be provided.

Excavator 2,7 tons- full tank - €180,00 per day + 19% VAT.
Skid-steer loader 3,5 tons- full tank -€ 200,00 per day + 19% VAT.
Technician - €38,00- per hour + 19% VAT.
Unskilled labor -€ 32,00 -per hour + 19% VAT.

Disposal costs must be paid by the contractor /builder, directly to the most favourable landfill. When negotiating prices, we are at your side and help you to achieve the best prices on the market.

If there aren’t any contaminated or polluted materials, the demolition costs will be approx. € 15.000,00-18.000,00 net.

34. Regulations regarding inspection (additional costs and cost reductions)

Modifications in respect of the execution of materials used instead of standard samples(for example: interior doors, tiles, sanitary equipment, carpet floor, PVC, wallpaper) have to be clarified with the contracting party.

For reimbursements - materials which have not come into use during construction, such as tiles, parquet or sanitary facilities, only up to 70 per cent of the price stated in the construction description will be charged.

This regulation does not apply in case of unused materials which were replaced by materials of the same type or of the same price (our purchase price) or of higher value.

35. Building cleaning

We ensure that your house will be cleaned from top to bottom before the final handover.

36. References and clarificatons

Furnishing suggestions which are included in the ground plans merely serve for illustration purposes and therefore are optional.

Exact measuremenets can't be taken from the plans.

The illustrated view of the house , top view and facade were compiled at the beginning of the approval procedure. Any rights can not be derived from this.

The existing valid regulations at the time of planning have to be observed. This building and perfomance description has been approved from the building permission. Possibly required technical modifications, or technical changes which have been prescribed by the authorities, can not be excluded. However, these will not influence the quality of the equipment.

37. Final clause

The prices are quoted including the german sales tax VAT, currently 19%. (Unless net price is explicitly indicated) All services, work , spesifications or verbal agreements which differ from the supplementary instructions/descriptions require the written form in order to be valid.

This building description with additional clauses and descrpiptions becomes subject of the building contract only after confirmation by our management.

Any verbal secondary agreements have no legal force! All services rendered are followed by the words "or equivalent". This means that the contractor/builder ensures to use equivalent or better materials for construction according to the needs and the priorities of the client/builder. As defined above, the architect has the choice of material, colouring and design of the facade and outdoor facilities.

The construction description becomes a permanent element of the construction contract.

>If it is the case that the quality of some single construciton elements is not expressly described, they will be, as well as the remaining executions in the construction description, of medium quality. In general, optional extras and modifications must be agreed in writing, only after price agreement. We cannot accept responsibility for any changes made individually. The buider/constructor is fully responsible for the all consequences resulting therefrom.

Excluded from any warranty are delays, tax payment, damages and consequential damages ect., The building company does not assume any warranty for optional extras and modifications.

No liability shall be assumed for the execution of such special executions / modifications and, in particular, for any resulting delays in completion or damage of any kind. This also includes activities carried out by the customer himself.

For materials and services which are subject to special stress due to weather, movement or use, the contractor will only accept the limited warranty period of the manufacturer, deviating from the 5-year warranty. This applies inter alia to:

Coartings on zinc and tin materials
Coatings lasures on wood
Expansion joints or sealing joints - silicone
Paint on wallpaper , plastered walls and ceilings

Further informations:

Due to insulation materials which keep getting better constantly and very well-airtight windows, controlled and "proper ventilation" by correctly airing is still essential and necessary to avoid the growth of mould fungus and creates a healthy and comfortable room climate. Otherwise wrong use can lead to structural damages (which are not due to shortcomings / construction defects ) and can have adverse health effects. No liability will be accepted by the Company /contractor.of spore formation or similar phenomena and resulting consequential damage.The execution takes place as provided for in the approved plans, static calculations and thermal insulation regulations.

Plaster and render

Plaster and render

Turn-key houses

Turn-key houses


Industrial building

Refurbishment of an old building

Refurbishment of an old building

Framing construction (Building structure/ building shell)

Framing construction (Building structure/ building shell)

Photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic system

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External works

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