7 comfort apartments with underground garage for 13 car parking spaces.

Construction site: Dreieich-Sprendlingen

The only documentation that really says something about the technical construction and the materials by the construction partner is not the price, but the performance description. Therefore we chose the form of the tabular representation, so that you can immediately have a detailed and clear view of our performance description, because we do not need to shy away from the comparison.

Each built-in material, from the building material used, through the heating system to the door latch, is clearly defined.

Our uniqueness is based on clearly in the complete form of the performance description.

Our offer is your calculated security. In order to provide you with a quick overview, we have listed the most important extras as follows:

  • 5 years warranty according to BGB
  • complete earthworks
  • complete demolition
  • Construction according to the new Energy Saving Ordinance
  • Coarse stripping and cord stand
  • white 3-fold glazed plastic windows incl. roller shutters as far as technically possible
  • Lift for 4 persons
  • Electric heating   (extra charge)
  • Underfloor heating (except underground parking)
  • Concrete steps with natural stone covering
  • Interior window sills in natural stone
  • approx. 10 mÂČ solar collectors for additional support of the hot water
  • Garden water connection for property shares with special usage rights
  • Construction supervision and quality control by TÜV - Hesse.


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