Plaster and render

As needed our service includes external and internal decorating and finishes,we do all types of plasterworks/plastering for construction work e.g.interior as well as external applications. For refurbishing work , renovation works of historical buildings (only in special cases), as well as redo/replace interior walls or to use it as a primer to lay tiles in your new house.

Here, its worth knowing that the different types of plaster are used according to their mixture for aesthetic reasons or to control moisture and humidity to improve air circulation in your house. Heat resistant plaster or water repellent plaster to stop water infiltration into your brick and masonry walls.

Our qualified staff will help you to find the proper type as needed.

Exterior & Interior Plaster
Außen- & Innenputz
Außen- & Innenputz
Außen- & Innenputz
Außen- & Innenputz
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