Refurbishment of an old building

Unterschiedlichste Anforderungen bedürfen der Sanierung eines Gebäudes. Je älter ein Gebäude ist, desto eher ist hier gegebenenfalls die Haustechnik zu modernisieren und gerade Wärmebedarf reduzierende Maßnahmen machen die Ansprüche von Hausbesitzern und Hausbewohnern aus - im hohen Maße auch aus nachhaltig Kosten sparenden Gründen.

You will face different tasks/challengens when remodeling a building.The older the building it is more likely that the domestic installations /engenneering have to be remodernnized. Reducing the heat loss in your home makes your house more energy efficient and it is cost saving. (Remodeling of a house)

Home renovation is often quit complex, it doesn‘t only comes with modernisation it also means to clear up as well as to prevent damages.

After examination we will see what needs to be done : foundation repairs, plastering( interior/exterior),roof repair, plumbing services, house painting works, electrician.

Renovation of an old building its worth it in the long term because it simply has to be refurbished either way once in a while.

The longer you wait the higher the costs. So we would advice consulting experts especially in the case of alredy occuring defests and damages.

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